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Retian - site contribution

2014.09.13 17:33

Retian Views:9808

I already emailed the official site about it but have since found this board. Basically I'm looking to contribute in any way to this project.

I have some self-taught experience in Linux server management. I bought a VPS to start learning and soon had it running a standard LAMP setup with secure FTP and Transmission running to use it as a seedbox. That may or may not be useful to managing your web hosting if you don't already have an admin.

I could still use more practice with HTML and CSS so I'd like to help fill in the incomplete parts of the site. I'm also willing to write since I could use the experience.

Finally I would also be willing to work on the Ren'Py coding since I've been thinking of making my own VN ever since I discovered them. I have no prior experience to that end but I've already started reading the quick start guides to working with the engine.

Basically I'm most interested in web coding or working on the VN proper but I'm willing and eager to do anything to help.

You can contact me here, through a Foundation message, or by emailing