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SCP-069-J: The Sisters of Cheyenne Point - Alpha v1.2.1
for Windows x86, Macintosh x86, Linux x86/x86_64
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SCP-069-J: The Sisters of Cheyenne Point

SCP-069-J: The Sisters of Cheyenne Point - Alpha v1.2.1
for Android
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SCP-069-J: The Sisters of Cheyenne Point

What is this game?

"SCP-069-J: The sisters of Cheyenne Point" (a.k.a. SCP-069-J) is a school adventure dating simulation game based on "SCP-069-J - Sisters of Cheyenne Point" by "Aelanna". You play as a male student who have just moved to a new school called Cheyenne Point Academy. 

  • Vinny Bright / Player: Winston "Vin" Bright, a male student just moved to Cheyenne Point Academy after having a mental breakdown at his previous school. His friends call him "Vinny". (Student Number: 1069-0590)
  • Karen Lynfield: Karen "Break" Lynfield. Strong, pushy, and outwardly confident. She is the head of the Sisters Club and saves Vinny from a group of bullies on his first day of school at Cheyenne Point Academy. (Student Number: 1069-3010)
  • Beatrice Bjornsen: Athletic and full of energy, Beatrice always wins at sports, but seems to worry whether others see her as being immature. She has never had a boyfriend, and hopes to find someone who can see her for who she really is. (Student Number: 1069-3241)
  • Rachel Mackenzie: Smart and caring, Rachel is one of the top students at Cheyenne Point Academy and loves to cook for the Sisters Club as well. Though she is the most loving and reliable person you've ever met and everyone seems to turn to her when they need someone to talk to, she seems to be hiding something from the people around her. (Student Number: 1069-3421)
  • Mr. Clef: Mister Adelard G.S.E. Clef. Mr. Clef is homeroom teacher for Mackenzie's homeroom class, and is rumored to be a pervert who likes high school girls. This is because his face has never been seen: he always wears a hospital mask and sunglasses, supposedly because of a medical condition. He is usually seen reading a book behind the desk, letting Mackenzie run homeroom because he can't be arsed to do so himself.

Concept art

Winston "Vin" Bright

Karen "Break" Lynfield

Beatrice Bjornsen

Rachel Mackenzie

Mr. Clef

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